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Parkinson's Dance Class New Milton

Parkinson's Dance Class New Milton


We are delighted to announce that we will be starting a brand new weekly Parkinson's Dance class in partnership with Forest Arts Centre in New Milton from Mon 19 February 2018. This is part of a larger roll out plan which has seen classes expand from Bournemouth into our neighbouring communities; Sherborne and Dorchester in 2016.

Take Part:

It really is a high-point of my week. The main attraction is that it is a fun way of taking exercise. We learn about the importance of good posture and various tips to help deal with the problems of Parkinson’s.” Sally, Bournemouth Parkinson’s Dance.

The Parkinson’s Dance class aims to provide a fun, stimulating and supportive environment through which people with Parkinson’s can explore and develop movement and expression through the medium of dance through the Parkinson’s Dance Science model.*

What to expect:

- We will focus on a variety of dance styles throughout the year, the class is non-pressured and can be danced either seated or standing.
- Two Parkinson’s Dance Science* trained teachers enables a multi level and supportive class.
- Using model’s foundation and the teacher’s expertise from both dance & physiotherapy, the class aims to not only emphasise the joy of movement in the moment, but also aspires to rehabilitate and develop better functional outcomes for the dancers/participants in your everyday lives.
- A supportive and friendly space to move and socialise.

Classes will begin on Mon 19 February 2018 in Forest Arts Centre's beautiful purpose built dance studio with Parkinson’s Dance Science trained practitioners. A cafe is on site for that important post class cuppa.

We welcome all abilities and no previous dance experience needed. Classes are £3.50 and carers/companions can join in for free.

*Parkinson’s Dance Science model was co-founded by Neuro-physiotherapist Dr Sophia Hulbert and dance artist Aimee Hobbs with support from PDSW

Made possible with contributions from wonderful individuals, Business Come Dancing participants and Chesil Lodge

February and May 2017.
“I was surprised I lost myself in the dance and the freedom of movement, space and time”
–Reawakening class participant
Weekly 1.5hr dance classes were led by Neuro-Physiotherapist Dr Sophia Hulbert and Dance Artist
Aimee Hobbs with the support of AUB Dance Student Volunteers Gina and Hannah here in our home
studios on Bournemouth Beach.
Reawakening dance created an inclusive space for participants, carers, friends and family to be
together in a different way, in the bodies and minds they were in that day. It is a fun and social
activity that not only aims to extend mobility and physical activity levels, but also enables us to find
the release often found in moving together which brings relaxation and joy into our minds and
“When I came into the class I felt like a closed flower and when I‘ve finished I’m like a flower that’s
opened” – Reawakening class participant
From September we will be hosting monthly Reawakening’s dance classes. The next one will be on
Friday 22 nd September from 1.30-3pm with a post class social with refreshments.
What to expect?
 A beautiful purpose built studio and a friendly dance teaching team who will guide you
through-out the session.
 Dancing to music and themes to spark imaginations and inspire us to move in the bodies we
are in that day.
 A chance to chat post class with tea and biscuits.
 We welcome people at all levels and abilities. Whether you have danced in the past, still
dance or have never danced, come and give it a go.
Classes cost £4 with carers, friends and family attending for free.
If you would like to enquire or book a place, contact Lisa: or 01202 203642.
We would really like to make to turn the monthly classes into weekly classes, so our team is
fundraising to make this happen. Watch this space!
Reawakening Dance Reflective Report Lin

Day & Time

Monday 1.30-3pm

Pricing options

£3.50, carers/companios come for free

For more information contact: / 01202 203630