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Geddes & Groves present: Double Take

19 July 2015

This production was part of our Summer Season 2015

Expect the unexpected and discover new ways of looking at and experiencing dance

Double Take is a mini-festival of dance performed at various locations across Bournemouth by a cast of outstanding national and international artists, Sioned Huws (UK/Japan), Simone Kenyon & Neil Callaghan (UK) and Maria Hassabi (USA). Experience three intriguing contemporary dance duets taken out of the confined space of a theatre re-imagined in an outdoor, urban environment.


Featured work:

Sioned Huws

performed by Sioned and Reina Kumari (Japan)

Repetitions focuses on perception, memory, person and place. The dancers work with repeated patterns drawing onto the world with their bodies to create an awareness of the physical body and landscape. Performed by Sioned and Agnese Lanza. Sioned is the artistic director of Aomori Project, a long-term collaboration with European & Japanese artists since 2008. She started making contemporary dance and performance in New York 1989, whilst studying at the Merce Cunningham Studios. 


Simone Kenyon and Neil Callaghan

performed by Simone and Neil

The world is in a constant state of flux. Two bodies engage in a delicate physical activity, striving to become something other than a body: Colliding, pushing, pressing, mingling, uniting. Performed by Simone and Maria Sideri. Neil & Simone have been a partnership for the last seven years. They make works that moves between dance, theatre and visual art in traditional theatre settings and through landscapes.


Maria Hassabi

SHOW (UK Premiere)

The relationship between audience and performers, their assigned spaces, movement and roles are questioned as they share a changing sequence as it unfolds. Shifting bodies and facial expressions, subtle fluxes and halted poses – a truly live work presented in the moment.  Performed by Maria and Hristoula Harakas. Maria is a New York based director, choreographer and artist. Her work involved relation of the body to image, defined by sculptural physicality and extended duration. She has represented Cyprus at the 55th Venice Biennale.


Jack Andrew  (Tenacity Dance Company)- Brethren

This piece explores the effect of competitiveness between brothers on their interactions and relationship, from the mundane to the extreme. Performed by Tom Andrew and Tom Mepham.


Jake Murphy - Immersive

You are invited to disconnect time and absorb yourself in emerging levels of meaning as the dancers work to make and repeat in the moment. Performed by Jake and Haydan Firth.


“The audience members, who have become unwitting participants in the event, can barely take their eyes off the dancers – except when looking at each other.” This Week In New York (2011) about Maria Hassabi’s SHOW





T: 01202 203630 (Monday to Saturday, 10am-5pm)