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Peggy Cozzi's response to Zoielogic's 'Safe'

1 March 2015

This exhibition was part of our Spring Season 2015

Througout March, you'll be able to see the work of Peggy Cozzi in our exhibition space. Here she talks about her background as an artist and here experience working with Zoielogic Dance Theatre as they rehearsed for their new piece 'Safe':

I am a visual artist based in Dorset, I trained in Bournemouth, Portsmouth and London; I have been painting and drawing for many years and have shown my work at venues in London and the South of England including Spacex Gallery in Exeter and Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton. I have taught Life Drawing and Painting classes to adults for nearly twenty years. I also run Family Learning workshops and, for the past ten years, have been running a home therapy programme for my oldest son who is on the autistic spectrum. I recently completed a Masters degree in Fine Art. I have been taking part in visual arts residencies at Pavilion Dance for the past 3 years and enjoyed working alongside the diverse groups and choreographers. Drawing from dancers at work is very challenging; a great work out for a visual artist. My work is informed by the movement of the figure and abstract qualities of the media, along with colour, form, gesture and the performative aspects of drawing and painting.

It’s always a privilege to be let in on the early stages of creation of a piece by dance companies ­ I was lucky to take part in a drawing residency alongside Zoie Logic dance company during the creation of Safe. I enjoyed the intensity and focus during these sessions. Zoie’s was the first all male dance company I have worked from, and I was interested to hear about the themes of masculinity and fragility that the piece explores; she commented that “every gesture conveys a thought or a feeling” and I found this was a fascinating parallel to the way I think about drawing. I really enjoyed the energy and vitality in the rehearsal sessions which gave me the space and impetus to work in a very instinctual, adrenaline ­ driven way. I used media such as soluble graphite and ink which facilitate a faster paced process. It was almost nerve wracking at times to watch the dancers throwing themselves around on the high stage structures ­ I could never contemplate doing anything like that, but I do seek out a similar sense of risk and excitement in my drawing practice.

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