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Vintage Tea Dance

18 March 2017

Pavilion Dance South West present the Friends of PDSW Vintage Spring Tea Dance

Vintage Tea Dance To Raise Money For Young People Across Dorset

Dance has always been a brilliant way to lift spirits, have fun and to celebrate togetherness. Remember the days of dancing wildly at night clubs and at weddings? Such a liberating feeling! Nowhere was this spirit truer than for young people in the 1940s when groups came together in small clubs and halls to escape the graveness of the wartime, to dance and to replace fear with joy.

That’s why Pavilion Dance South West are hosting their very own Friends of PDSW Vintage Tea Dance, Saturday 18 March at their Bournemouth venue, bringing the community together for a special evening of scones, dancing and live music.

Dancing is not only a way to celebrate but helps connect us socially, distracts from negativity and has a positive impact on our wellbeing. As a professional dance charity, PDSW are finding ways to help improve the lifestyles of young people in the region. The dance development organisations work with children and young people is at the forefront of their vision to continuously deliver opportunities through dance; broadening the horizons for young people and allowing them to stay healthy and socially connected.

As PDSW maintains their work with local schools, pupil referral units, and deliver classes, children’s performances and youth dance platforms, they continue to see young people enthused, delighted and engaged in the knowledge that this will have a lasting impact on their self esteem, confidence and ultimate happiness.

All proceeds from the Vintage Tea Dance will go to prolonging the work with children and young people across Dorset. Tickets for the afternoon are £12 and can be booked via the Pavilion Dance South West Box office. Group rates for 10 or over are also available.

Why not make a day of it... Russell Cotes Museum will be hosting their Vintage Weekend at the museum on the 18th and 19th March. You can enjoy £1 off the entrance fee when you purchase your ticket to the Pavilion Dance South West Vintage Tea Dance.

Find out more about the cause here:

T: 01202 203630 (Monday to Saturday, 10am-5pm)