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Antonia Grove Q+A

Antonia Grove on her upcoming performance of
Now You See It


Can you tell us what your show is about?

“Developing strategies for coping with family matters and life in general!

Finding a way of making myself visible and fun.

Interrogating facts and searching for the truth.

Questioning what I might be missing.

Channelling frustration and finding an expression of movement and speaking out loud.”


Why should someone come and see your show?

“Because its authentic, emotionally charged and because it communicates through story-telling.

It can be felt and experienced on many different levels.

Because the lighting and sound score create an incredible environment to be in.”


Where did the idea and inspiration come from?

“The idea came from my head. From things I felt, about experiences I felt others could relate to.”


Why do you think it’s an important story to tell?

“I think its so important that we continue to make and develop challenging work, no matter how hard that it is.”


What sort of person is going to love this show?

“Most importantly anyone who likes to see and enjoys being untangled and interrogated.

For anyone who has felt invisible.

For people with questions, people who love dance theatre.

I would like to think anyone of any age and can enjoy the show.”


What’s going to surprise people about this show?

“You might be surprised by what you see… Or we don’t want to give anything away yet 😉

It’s both poignant and uplifting, so don’t miss it”


You can catch Now You See It by Antonia Grove at Pavilion Dance on Thursday 15th February, 7.30pm. HERE




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