Denisas Kolomyckis (1992 June 10, born in Lithuania, Vilnius) is a Lithuanian interdisciplinary artist. Kolomyckis trained as a Ballet Dancer who later transformed his classical dance understanding into site-specific, body related performances in various spaces, such as galleries, theatres as well as public and private locations. He studied acting and played in different movies, including theatre plays in Lithuania, Poland and the USA.

Denisas Kolomyckis has presented over 100 performances in different countries in Europe, also Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia) and USA (New York, Mississippi).


Ignas Miskinis “Low Lights” (2009)

Jurate Samulionyte “Temporary” (2010) – Augustinas

Gabrieles Salvadores “Sibirien Education” (2012) – Igor, Snyr

Romas Zabarauskas “We Will Riot” (2012) – Jonas

Romas Zabarauskas “You can’t escape Lithuania” (2016) – Romas

Denisas Kolomyckis is honorary Ambassador of ‘Ministry of FLUXUS’ (Lithuania) and winner of the young volunteer award, 2006. In 2017, Denisas was awarded the Lithuanian flag by the president of Lithuania for his work with the diaspora and Lithuanian comunities.

Denisas is known for his work with legendary film-maker Jonas Mekas and Lithuanian director Sarunas Bartas.

As a public figure he is working in non-governmental sector as a chairman of NGO “We-YOUTH”, Denisas is a board member of Lithuanian Community in Portugal and Artistic Director of cultural association “RAIZVANGUARDA” (Portugal). In 2018 Denisas together with critical mass of actors in Lithuania founded Lithuanian Actors Guild and currently is the council member of this institution. He is an active civil and human rights activist, often show within his works, escalating topics related to the political and system criticism in public discourse.

Currently Denisas is studying sculpture (BA) in Vilnius Art Academy.

Relationship with PDSW:

Denisas Kolomyckis was supported as a Discovery Artist at PDSW between 2018-19, in partnership with the Lithuanian Culture Institute (Lietuvos kultūros institutas) and the Lithuanian Cultural Attache.

Embarking on a two week residency in January 2019 and receiving financial support from PDSW and the Lithuanian Culture Institute, Kolomyckis worked on the early stages of a  3 year dance-for-film project – 10:01 Dance Story. Inspired and influenced directly by the late Jonas Mekas’ 365 Day Project.

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