Joe Garbett is an internationally toured and performed dance artist. He creates colourful, silly and unifying shows for all and puts the community at the heart of his practice. Based in southwest UK, you will find Joe choreographing and performing in outdoor and unconventional places advocating the importance of positive, playful and accessible art in public spaces.  His work has toured internationally and has been supported by The Place, National Theatre, Rural Touring Initiative, Glastonbury Festival, Greenwich+Docklands International Festival, pubs, clubs and everything in-between.  @joegarbettdance 

    Elinor Lewis is a performance artist based in the southwest & London. She makes work that playfully straddles dance and installation. Her performance work embraces uncertainty, using large, delicately balanced objects and people to create suspenseful balancing acts. She wants to reclaim risky spaces and carve out space within precarious situations for herself and others to slow  down, sprawl out and get comfortable.  Elinor is currently Associate Artist at The Place. Other supporters of her work include  DanceXchange, Take Art, Arts Council England, Artsadmin, Aerowaves Twenty19 and Goldsmiths College.  


PDSW is currently supporting Joe and Elinor’s latest collaboration called ‘Plue’, a bizarre kaleidoscope of colour, movement & queerness. 

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