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Breathe Event Programm

  7 February 2015

 Tacchi–Morris Arts Centre, School Road, Monkton Heathfield, Taunton  TA2 8PD

A PDSW event led by practitioners for dance practitioners working in health and wellbeing. Organised with support from Arts & Health South West.



9am-11am                     Refreshments

9.30-10.30am                Morning practical session led by Lois Taylor.

Stretch, waken up body, share the physical space.  Open to all.

10.30am-11am              Coffee, cake and chat

11am-1pm                     Long practical session and a shared dialogue.

The themes will be :

1)    “Touch” led by Claire Summers. Claire will lead a short practical exploration and discussion into the use of touch in dance. The session will focus on safe touch, when touch is and isn’t appropriate, and the benefits of using touch in dance, with a focus on working with children and young people. 

2)    “Safe space” led by Viv Gordon. An experiential exploration and discussion about creating safe space for vulnerable participants without getting confused and thinking we’re therapists.

3)    “Humour” led by Amanda Fogg. I am sure we all find warmth and humour are key ingredients in our sessions and would like to share and invite examples of movement tasks and ideas which explore this way of connecting and being human……so I am hoping for a practical session with chats.  

4)    “Music” led by Rebecca Seymour.  How music moves people: exploring personal choices and sharing bespoke playlists.  Please come prepared to share some of yours.

1pm-2pm                  Lunch – please bring packed lunches. Drinks will be available free of charge.

  Performance : Bolder Dance Company will perform a fun, café inspired dance piece in the foyer as an interlude during the lunch break.

 2pm-3pm                      Presentations (10 minutes each):

  • Zannah Doan, Regional Producer, PDSW – Zannah will give an overview of work in the SW
  • Alex Coulter, Director, Arts & Health SW – Alex will talk about current developments in arts and health nationally and introduce the proposed ‘community of practice’ for those interested in dance and health.
  • Katherine Hall for Lisa May Thomas –  Katherine will be presenting The Touch Diaries project on behalf of Lisa May Thomas. She will introduce the project and how this research-informed project is moving its way towards the production of a film and live performance work. For more information, please visit
  • Subathra Subramaniam, Sadhana Dance will talk about her experience of researching her next piece which will be about young people and mental health. She is artist in residence in the child and adolescent unit at The Maudsley Hospital, London.
  • Claire Hodgson, Diverse City will talk about taking risks with different bodies – circus and disabled young people
  • Lois Taylor – ideas and thoughts about practice.

 3.05pm-3.45pm             Facilitated discussion : inspired by what has been heard, challenges and opportunities – in 2 groups

 3.45pm-4pm                  Break

 4pm-4.15pm                  Performance : What Words Can’t Say by Mean Feet Dance.

This is a short performance produced during the One Step Forward Intensive and Tour Summer 2014 offered as a progression opportunity for Mean Feet’s Dance and Mental Health project participants. It is what it says on the tin – an expression of the hard to put into words experience of mental health illness and recovery.

 4.20pm-4.50pm             Relaxation stretch led by Rosalind Conlon.

A wrap up session which will focus on a movement and verbal reflection of the day, finishing with a physical and mental relaxation.

 4.50pm-4.55pm             Closing words from Zannah Doan, PDSW

 4.55pm-5.30pm             Free time to chat before heading home

 Displays : Tables will be available for you to share leaflets/posters/CDs.

Booking Details

This event has been designed for dance practitioners working in health and wellbeing contexts. If there are spare places remaining a week before the event it will be opened up to dance artists, producers, managers, health workers and anyone else interested, so please email to express your interest in being on the waiting list.



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