Our Environmental Policy

We recognise the power of the arts to inspire and imagine a positive future and to help people transition to a low carbon world, and we recognise our responsibility to reduce our negative environmental impact on the world that generation will inherit. We seek to work in partnership within the national dance and South West arts sectors and within our local area of Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (BCP) to further our ambitions and impact.

We recognise the urgency of the climate issue and have joined with others to declare a Climate Emergency.

We will work to influence positive environmental change amongst our beneficiaries (artists, participants, audiences, staff and volunteers), suppliers and stakeholders. Our commitments for 2022 – 2027

Our strategic goals to improve our environmental sustainability 2022-2027 are: • Take key steps to achieve Net Carbon Zero in our building-based operations by 2030 • Inspire, equip, engage and empower our staff to drive change • Upskill, enable and platform the work of artists engaging with environmental issues • Work in partnership to increase our impact and communicate our work • Lay the foundations for Net Carbon Zero across all our activities


We will communicate our work and progress publicly including to our audiences, and publish an annual report that summaries our performance against the targets we have set.

Place links to our Environmental Sustainability Policy 2022 & The Climate Emergency – PDSW Statement at the end of this section. You can find both documents here:

The Climate Emergency – PDSW Statement

Environment Sustainability policy 2022


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