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Fall from Grace

Grace meets grime in this dance theatre epic – South West Dance Theatre have teamed up with local street artists Angus Art and DIFF to create a production that will soothe you, groove you and move you to tears.

To a potent sound track that mixes jazz, pop, hip hop, rock and classical music, the show spins the tale of dreams cherished and trashed in a seedy urban underworld, where all that glitters is not gold… The dancing builds on a strong ballet base mixed with jazz, contemporary, Fosse, Latin, Charleston and street – a classic choreographic cocktail with a fruity kick.

“Fall from Grace” is a dance theatre epic of fate, fortune, grace and grime. It will be staged at the Mission Theatre, 32 Corn St, Bath BA1 1UF. Join us from 7:30pm on Saturday 28th February. Tickets are £10, concessions £7.

For tickets and more information visit

Tickets also available at Bath Box Office.


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