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Do I need to have dance experience?

Not at all! We want to encourage as many people as possible to give dance a go. Unless otherwise stated all of our classes are suitable for everyone.

I don’t know if I like it – do I have to book for a whole term?

If you want to give the class a few tries before you commit to a passport you can book on a Pay As You Go basis. Classes are £6.00 each.

Discounts – Passports and Online

Passports – purchased at the desk

You can buy a passport at any time. If you know you will be coming to a class regularly then the passport is well worth investing in. With the passports you get the following discounted rates on classes:

15 class passport – £4.5 per class (saving of £1.50)

10 class passport – £5.00 per class (saving of £1)

5 class passport – £5.50 (saving of 50p)


If you buy between 5 and 9 classes in a single transaction, you’ll save 50p per class. That’s a minimum of £2.50 in savings per transaction! Pop the classes you’d like to attend in your shopping basket and we’ll do the math for you.

If you buy between 10 and 14 classes in a single transaction, you’ll save £1 per class. That’s a minimum of £10 in savings per transaction and no booking fees! Pop the classes you’d like to attend in your shopping basket and we’ll do the math for you.

If you buy 15 or more classes in a single transaction, you’ll save £1.50 per class. That’s a minimum of £22.50 of savings in a single transaction and no booking fees! Pop the classes you’d like to attend in your shopping basket and we’ll do the math for you!

When do passports expire?

From the date of purchase, passports are valid for:

15 class passport – 6 months

10 class passport – 4 months

5 class passport – 2 months

Is it really ok to just come once to a class?

Of course – there is absolutely no obligation to commit to a class. Go at your own pace!

What happens if I turn up and the class I want is fully booked?

Our classes do have limited capacity, so unfortunately once they are fully booked we cannot accept any more participants. To ensure you get a space, please book in advance or call the box office shortly before the class to check availability.

Do I need to bring a partner for Ballroom or 1940’s Social Dance?

It’s great if you have someone you can bring along with you but it’s not essential!

What’s the difference between Basic/Basic Plus?

Basic classes are for those just starting out, whereas Basic Plus is great if you have had a little bit of previous experience!

Can I hire tap shoes/dance attire?

Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to hire any shoes or attire.

I have never tried tap dance before – do I need to buy tap/ballet shoes?

We are happy for anyone starting out a class to try a few lessons in trainers before purchasing a pair of specialist shoes, however we ask that the trainers are not dark-soled.

Do you need to do point in ballet dance?

We will not expect you to do anything you are uncomfortable with – just go at your own pace! If the ballet class feels a bit too advanced, try a basic class!

Do I need to be fit?

Our dance and fitness classes are a great way to get yourself fit – however, if you have an injury that you feel will affect your ability to take part in the class please speak to the teacher beforehand.

I’m 67 – can I come to African Dance?

Of course – there are no age limits on our classes!

Does Burlesque mean taking your clothes off?

Not at all. Our burlesque classes cover fan dancing, glove removal, chair dancing, prop work, stage craft and more – all with clothes on!

What’s the difference between ‘Health & Fitness’ classes and Dance classes?

Health and fitness classes (e.g. Ashtanga Yoga, Pilates, Latin Fit, Body Conditioning) focus on developing your tone, strength and general fitness. Our dance classes focus on a particular style of dance (e.g. Ballet, African, Irish) and the appropriate techniques.

I have a shoulder injury. Can I still participate in classes?

This is dependent on the class. If you are concerned please arrange to speak to the teacher beforehand by calling 01202 203630.

Do you have changing facilities/lockers/showers?

We do – our female changing rooms are located upstairs. Our male changing rooms are located downstairs. Each have their own lockers and shower.

How long is a class?

Unless otherwise stated, each class is 1 hour long,

Do I have to bring a Yoga/Pilates mat?

If you have your own yoga/pilates mat you are more than welcome to bring it along! If you don’t own one, not to worry, we have our own mats that you may borrow for the session.

Where can I leave my jewellery?

You can leave any valuables in a locker, situated in the changing room. You will need a £1 coin/trolley coin to hire them, which will be returned once you collect your belongings at the end.

How early do I need to come?

We recommend arriving 15 minutes before the class begins to allow time to get ready for the class.

How qualified are the teachers?

Each of the teachers have been employed by us based on their skills and qualifications. Each have qualifications in their particular area of dance and all have had CRB/DBS checks. If you are interested in the specific qualifications of your teacher please contact them before the class.

Do I have to be in the Under 5’s Class? I could use the time to go shopping!

You will need to stay with your child during the class – they’re fun for adults too!

I want to watch my 6 year old – why can’t I stay in the class?

You will be able to stay for the first 5 minutes of the class and return for the final 5 minutes to see what the class have been up to – however we ask parents to leave the room so that the children don’t get distracted.

Do you ever do Parkour outside?

The Parkour Academy and, occasionally the Intermediate Parkour class, will sometimes take the class outside. However, all other classes will only take place in the studio.  The classes will always be fully supervised, whether they take place inside or outside.

Parkour sounds really dangerous. What happens if kids injure themselves?

The teachers are fully trained in first aid and always have the appropriate equipment should an injury occur.

Does the card charge apply to classes and passports as well?

The charge applies to any transaction made on a card, including classes, passports, performances and merchandise.

How can you book in advance with a passport?

You can book over the phone or in person. All we need to know is what class you wish to book onto and your passport ID number. Unfortunately we are unable to take passport bookings online.


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