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Hip Hop History in Bournemouth

June will see Bournemouth host B-Town Throwdown: a full weekend of hip hop events, including the Sadlers Wells touring production of Breakin Convention on Saturday 7 June. The show, held in the Pavilion Theatre, will be hosted by hip hop legend Jonzi D and old school STN b-boy Lacemaster. In an interview with us, Lacemaster reflected on the exciting hip hop culture in Bournemouth that boomed in the 80’s;

“The summer of ’84 the UK saw a national craze as the world of hip hop, DJ’s, scratching, rapping, graffiti and Breakin took hold of the younger generations’ attention. With influences in the media and films such as Breakdance the Movie and Beat Street it seemed everyone had a new hobby. From this, some serious crews developed with the talent and dedication to train hard and travel all over the country to battle other crews.  Shock City Crew, Universal Rockers and South Style Crew eventually merged into Second to None in 1985. This new crew would practise their moves in The Pavilion Theatre ballroom, The Academy in Boscombe or outdoors on a lino for hours on end. Bournemouth became Second to None’s territory, and little did they know what success lay ahead of them…

The crew’s talent and success grew until in the early 90’s Second to None became the only UK crew to have won the UK Bboy Championships. Not once, but twice!”

We are so proud to have such an influential group of dancers hail from Bournemouth, and are excited to welcome them along as an integral part of B-Town Throwdown, held at Pavilion Dance during the weekend of 6-8 June. Lacemaster from Second to None will be hosting the International festival of hip hop dance theatre Breakin Convention on Saturday 7 June in the Pavilion Theatre. The pair, alongise All-Elements, will also co-host Vile Style 10 Breakin Jam & competition as part of the B-Town Throwdown weekend.


Listing Details:

Breakin Convention

Saturday 7 June 7.30pm

Pavilion Theatre – 0844 576 3000 or 01202 203630

Tickets: £15/£13 (under 16s)/£10 (groups of 10+)

Super Weekend Ticket (Includes all evening performances during B-Town Throwdown and Breakin’ Convention Afterparty)

£31/£24(under 16s)


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