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Irish Hand Dancing

It’s not very often that you get to meet the originators of an internet craze, and unlike bottle flipping, planking and the Harlem Shake (guilty!) this is something we only wish we could perfect.

We are, of course, talking about Irish Hand Dancing – as popularized by Suzanne Clearly and Peter Harding of Up & Over It!

Hand Dancing

Hand Dancing is quite self-explanatory – it is the form of dancing only with the use of your hands and is typically done while sitting at a wooden table to produce a distinct sound.

“…when we use to go to the competitions when we were kids, we used to practice (our routines) on our hands before we got to the competition. So we thought it would be a great thing to show the world.” Suzanne Clearly

YouTube Sensations

In 2010, Up and Over It uploaded a hand dance routine to Yolanda Be Cool & D Cup’s We No Speak Americano which, to this day, has garnered almost 10 million views and inspired many video responses with fans offering their own attempts at the routine:

TV Talent Show Semi-Finalists

In 2011, the pair took part in season 5 of TV talent show Britain’s Got Talent, reaching the semi-final:

Now, Suzanne and Peter are touring the UK with foot-stomping, hand-tapping show, Into the Water, set in a magical wasteland, where anything is possible and friendship is everything. Packed with dance and percussion, this playful hour sees hands and feet fly at breathtaking speed, in a cheerful jumble of rhythmic precision and folk-filled fun.

Into the Water comes to the Pavilion Dance stage on Sunday 21 May, 3pm. See full details of the show here >>>


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