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Meet the contestants: Becky Craig

Becky is representing Blu Lake, providing personal coaching through big life changes.

– How do you feel about your dance choice for Business Come Dancing?

Initially I was apprehensive. Having chosen the music and had our first rehearsal I am very excited – it is going to be wicked!

– What do you think will be your biggest challenge in the lead up to the event?

Fitting in rehearsals with an already busy life!

– How good would you say you are at remembering routines/ steps?

It turns out I am better than I thought I would be!

– How much do you know about Parkinson’s? Has this ever affected anyone in your family?

I know very little, only what you really hear/read so am looking forward to learning more. Not affected any family members, but I have worked with people with Parkinson’s.

– What is your favourite track to dance to at weddings?

Chesney Hawkes – I Am The One And Only……!

See Becky’s profile here >>>



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