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Meet the Teacher: Rob Keit

Rob is our Capoeira teacher, running classes on a Monday night  from 7:15pm to 8:15pm

Tell us about your dance journey: Where did you train? Who were/are your mentors or influencers? What are the significant moments in your career so far?

I started to learn Capoeira here in Bournemouth around 12 years ago with Professora (Professor) Bia, who is a teacher from São Paulo, Brazil.  Since starting to train and teach Capoeira I have been lucky enough to meet and be taught by Mestre Adelmo and Mestre Edilson, who are both the Masters of our Capoeira group Origens Do Brasil

Professora Bia has been my mentor and friend for the last 12 years, teaching me both the moves and expressions needed to be successful in Capoeira but also the history, Capoeira was awarded UN cultural heritage status last year and is important to keep alive for the cultural history of Brazil.  My proudest achievement was becoming a graduado in 2012, allowing me to teach my own Capoeira classes.

What inspires you when you put a class programme together? Is it the music, the participants, the ethos of your class or something else?

My inspiration comes from students being introduced to Capoeira and experiencing a class for the first time as well as watching them learn and evolve their own Capoeira style.  The music for me brings Capoeira alive, it’s always fun bringing a berimbau (main Capoeira instrument) to class and watching the reactions on everyone’s face the first time they see one.

What would it surprise your class to learn about you?
It might surprise people to know that I am also a very passionate surfer and fisherman. I’ve even been in the Anglers Mail magazine with my personal best carp, 28lb 10oz.

Do you have a class/teaching catchphrase or motto?

Axé (energy)


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