While the war in Afghanistan has become an everyday part of our lives, the stories behind the headlines are an intense personal experience for the individuals involved. 5 SOLDIERS was created not specifically about Afghanistan but links to this conflict are strong.

Birmingham-based Rosie Kay Dance Company‘s theatre production, 5 SOLDIERS, is a timely and thought provoking exploration of war in modern times. Well researched, the piece has a powerful physicality which is inspired by input from serving and former soldiers and has been endorsed as ‘just getting it’ by its military audiences. The work weaves a story of physical transformation, helping us to understand what makes a soldier and how the experience of warfare affects those that choose to put their life on the line.

Despite news media interest, there is still little recent art or theatre work that tells the individual story behind the military headlines. 5 SOLDIERS has already reached beyond the traditional dance theatre audience and includes Brigadier Stephen Hodder, Commander 43 (Wessex) Brigade, Tidworth,

“I wouldn’t normally take a great deal of interest in contemporary dance; it’s not really my thing. However, when we were asked if we could assist the Rosie Kay Dance Company with their representation of military activity, including operations, through dance, I was more than happy to help. We were very lucky in finding a recently injured soldier who was able to give the dancers a great deal of first-hand experience and advice. He, and others who assisted, did a fantastic job. When I saw the final production, I could recognise every movement made by the dancers; it was very authentic and hard to believe that the dancers weren’t all experienced soldiers. 5 SOLDIERS is a brilliant production; the interpretation of the highs and lows of a soldier’s life is excellent and very thought-provoking.”

To understand the soldier’s experience; to feel the intensity of the preparation for battle, Rosie Kay put on her boots and became ’embedded’ with 4th Battalion, The Rifles for several weeks and David Cotterrell witnessed the work of the Joint Forces Medical Group in Helmand Province. The five dancers, four men and one woman, have also been put through their paces practicing battle drills, crawling through mud and weapon handling.

Apart from being a moving and convincing exploration of the human body and how essential it remains to war, even in the 21st century, the performance will give you the unique opprtunity to enter a working Army Camp. For only £3 you can also book a bus to take you from Bournemouth to Blandford Camp, so there will be no worries about parking!

5 SOLDIERS by Rosie Kay Dance CompanySat 23 & Sun 24 MaySat: 7.30pm, followed by post-show talk; Sun: 3pmThe Semaphore Arms, Blandford Camp, Dorset, DT11 8RH


As this is a live military venue all ticket holders must give their full name, address and vehicle registration at the time of booking. Please bring photo ID and note that bags and vehicles may be searched upon entry. Free parking is available. It is advised that audience members arrive 30 minutes before the start of the performance to allow time for checking in to the camp.

We are pleased to offer a bus service to Blandford Camp for £3. Please call 01202 203630 or CLICK HERE to book.

On Saturday 23rd May the bus will leave from Westover Road at 6pm. The bus will leave Blandford to return to Bournemouth at 9.15pm.

On Sunday 24th May the bus will leave from Westover Road at 1.30pm. The bus will leave Blandford to return to Bournemouth at 4.10pm.



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