On a cold dark evening in January something rather warm and exciting was taking place at the Richmond Hill United Reformed Church in Bournemouth. 13 singing children worked alongside two wooly-jumper clad twin sisters to rehearse for collaboration between The Funky Little Choir and the professional dance company Junk Ensemble.

Junk Ensemble are touring a piece of worked called ‘The Falling Song’ which looks at the nature of flying and falling and the dangerous relationship between the two. They tasked themselves with working with a local children’s choir at each location on their tour and for their date here at PDSW in March The Funky Little Choir was selected!

Identical twin sisters and Artistic Directors of Junk Ensemble, Megan and Jessica Kennedy came along to visit the choir and to start  teaching them the choreography and steps they’ll need to know ready to perform on stage in March with the all-male cast of dancers.

The excitable choir members started the session in a warm-up led by the sisters. With every-one in a circle there were pointed feet, swinging arms and bouncing knees before a follow-the-leader type exercise which had every-one running around the room in different swirling patters.

By the end of the session, the children could sing all their lines and know all the right parts in which they needed to enter, exit and move around the stage – it was really exciting to see it come together and I can’t wait to see how effective it all looks when it’s put together within the performance in March. What an amazing opportunity for these young people!


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