We are excited to have a regular reviewer for the autumn season of ‘Thursday Night is Dance Night’. Dave Young is a creative artist, poet, composer and performer, he is pleased to be invited back to PDSW to do poetic reviews for this seasons Dance performances, following a good reception to his poetic responses at the Integrated Dance Summit in May. Here he reviews Aakash Odedra’s double bill ‘Murmer & Inked‘:

Pavilion Dance South West-Thursday night is Dance Night

13th November 2014 – ‘Murmer’ & ‘Inked‘ by Aakash Odedra Company


Inked – A man comes out of a body, starts making a beat, he steps out. He goes in crises around, around, around, around and on his back. Horrible and tired those two circles dancing. Murmur – A wonderful wind, a set of sheets under water, dancing and writing an A over and over and over, an inside struggle. Paper falls, going mad on printing, down and down. But I don’t want it to, I want it to Stop.

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