We are excited to have a regular reviewer for the autumn season of ‘Thursday Night is Dance Night’. Dave Young is a creative artist, poet, composer and performer, he is pleased to be invited back to PDSW to do poetic reviews for this seasons Dance performances, following a good reception to his poetic responses at the Integrated Dance Summit in May. Here he reviews Hetian Patel’s ‘American Boy’

Pavilion Dance South West-Thursday night is Dance Night

‘American Boy’ By Hetian Patel

Thursday 27th November 2014

Movies,Autobots Roll Out,What you talking about willis?Hey Guys in 6 weeks I will be spider Man, I look rubbish now, but I will look super cool.Mr Smithers Kill him.Hi I am…Hi I am…Hi I am…Hi I am…Don’t Shoot!This will happen there, This IS happening thereThis is a dropThen you will get killed by a sharkYeah cool, lets go!I want a pie,No sorry, YOU can have NO pie, you aint White.Hi Ya, GreatWe are All big Kids.Happy Birthday Spider Man.

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