We are excited to have a regular reviewer for the Spring season of ‘Thursday Night is Dance Night’. Dave Young is a creative artist, poet, composer and performer, he is pleased to be invited back to PDSW to do poetic reviews for this season’s dance performances, following a good reception to his poetic responses at the Integrated Dance Summit in May. Here he reviews Zoielogic’s ‘Safe’

Thursday 5th March 2015‘Safe’ by ZoieLogic Dance Theatre A poetic response by David Young


Men at work.Men working,A building Site,A garage.A building Site.But back in the old days,Working, taking risks.Physical Dance, in the bar, building as a team.Fast at times but slow too.Dangerous.Building up and up and up.Sitting down for a cuppa.Falling down and down and down.Falling for eternity.Building for eternity.But at the end of it all?A work of art.The Empire State building.And ‘Safe’ by ZoieLogic.

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