We are excited to have a regular reviewer for the Spring season of ‘Thursday Night is Dance Night’. Dave Young is a creative artist, poet, composer and performer, he is pleased to be invited back to PDSW to do poetic reviews for this season’s dance performances, following a good reception to his poetic responses at the Integrated Dance Summit in May. Here he reviews Lîla Dance’s ‘The Deluge’

PDSW Thursday Night is Dance Night.19 & 20th February 2015Dave Young Poetic response to ‘The Deluge’ by Lila Dance.

A Storm has happened. Mad. Scared. Can you find somebody for me? The day before the storm. Hello I am somebody. Please Let me in. Please. I am looking for my family. Please. The day before the storm. Hello Love. How are you? Hello Love. How are you? See you at 7 tonight. But, Will I?Tomorrow could never come.The next hour could never come.The next minute could never come.The next second could never come.Then the wave could come. Then it will be gone.What will be left behind?So Live, everyone, because all we have is right now.,All we have is this moment.

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