A challenging and rewarding workshop for advanced dancers brought to you by Bath Dance. The daylong workshop will be based on his new work, 8 Minutes.

Born in 1980, Alexander Whitley is a London-based choreographer working at the cutting edge of British contemporary dance. As artistic director of Alexander Whitley Dance Company, he has developed a reputation for a bold interdisciplinary approach to dance making, producing technologically innovative and thought-provoking stage productions as well as exploring the creative possibilities being opened up by new digital platforms. He has also created work for several of the UK’s leading companies including the Royal Ballet, Rambert, Balletboyz, Candoco and Birmingham Royal Ballet. For his new work 8 Minutes, Alexander Whitley has taken inspiration from the stunning images and data produced by solar science research in a collaboration with scientists from STFC RAL Space. The performance ignites our imaginations with spectacular forces and overwhelming scales, space exploration constantly re­shaping how we understand ourselves and our place in the universe. This workshop is aimed at advanced dancers £15.00

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