PDSW’s Bounceback Festival is well underway…

We have had an incredible turnout the past few days, where we featured some incredible performances from 2Faced Dance Company – bringing their performance ‘Power’ where two dancers pushed themselves to their physical limits –  finding out who really holds the power?  

Joli Vyann also joined us for their piece  ‘Lance Moi En L’Air’, bringing circus skills and dance together for a stunningly beautiful and elegant performance by a locally based dance duo.

There is much more to come… with the PREMIERE of PREPPERS by Casson & Friends…

PREPPERS: The Show is a dance documentary. Exquisitely timed choreography explores themes of resilience and humanity in times of crisis, and offers what we need in order to truly survive.

There are very limited seats for this show. We ask that you BOOK AHEAD if you can. Some tickets may be available at the door if you arrive in good time.


We still have  FOUR more days to go until Bounceback is finished, so don’t forget to check out the full performance programme…



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