Now in its 13th year, Breakin’ Convention is making its massive,vibrant, basey presence felt in Bournemouth once again as part of the last leg of the nationwide tour. As one of the major highlights on the urban international event calendar, Sadler’s Wells critically acclaimed festival will be hosted and curated by none other than Associate Artist Jonzi D. Jonzi D will be raising the Pavilion Theatre roof with a fresh mix of international stars and home-grown talent. France’s Antoinette Gomis, World Champion Bboy crew The Ruggeds from the Netherlands and Spain’s award-winning Iron Skulls Co. will be joining him along side local companies Shake, DFA, Odyssey and Swag Out Entertainment.

BH Live caught up with The Ruggeds in the run up to the tour:

Tell us a little bit about yourselves? 

We’ve been connected through breaking since 2005 and we travel the world to battle, perform, and teach. Winning our first World Title in 2014 at the UK Bboy Championships. We are known for having unique individual styles, musicality, and acrobatic routines.

Who named the crew and why The Ruggeds?

Originally we were known as ‘Rugged Solutions’, but over time ‘Solutions’ was dropped. We consider ‘The Ruggeds’ our family name. ‘Rugged’ to us represents the beauty of being imperfect, and each of us are a bit rough around the edges. We like to take a risk and feel free; so we dance less consistently.

How much time each week does the crew spend dancing?

A lot of time! We practice, teach, battle and create shows all week. Every week is different, but all our jobs are dance related.

What is The Ruggeds’ ultimate goal?

We’re working hard to become an established name in theatre, as well as building a solid base for our school in Eindhoven. Besides that, we still want to win some big titles in the battle scene over the coming year!

Have any of you broken bones whilst dancing?

We’ve had a mixture of big and small injuries, it comes with the territory. Squarez once broke his hand practising a routine, but mostly it’s bruises, pulled muscles, and muscle pain… lots of muscle pain.

What super power would each crew member choose to have?

Probably the ability to levitate, so we can cheat gravity as that’s what we’re working on every day.

Have the crew ever had a wardrobe malfunction mid-performance?

In our performance we use some fitness balls. In The Apollo one of the balls popped whilst Skychief was trying to flip off it. He didn’t make his flip and landed on his fingers. So yeah we’re familiar with wardrobe malfunctions.


In the build up to the main event, Pavilion Dance South West will also be hosting Bournemouth’s festival of hip hop culture B-Town Throwdown, including breakin’ and popping battles and dance workshops.

Featuring battles, DJs, graffiti art, workshops, freestyling and much more. It makes Breakin’ Convention more than a show – it’s an experience.

To book, call our box office on 01202 203630.

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