As part of a UK-wide Children and Dance programme we are delighted to host our Children, Autism & Dance Forum on 6 & 7 October 2022. This is a series of events aimed at those working with or championing children with autism.

The Forum programme includes workshops in local schools with dance artist and creator of The Crisp Sandwich Café, Matthew Rawcliffe.

There will also be three open events for dance artists, professionals and advocates to gain insights and knowledge into creating performances and the positive impact of dance on children and young people with autism.

These include 2 online sessions with dance artists Forest Tribe and SEN specialist Amy McGowan who appeared in the 2022 BBC documentary: Paddy & Christine McGuiness: Our Family and Autism. Plus a live presentation in the Pavilion Dance theatre with Matthew Rawcliffe, a grand finalist from BBC Young Dancer 2019.

All events are offered as Pay What You Can to ensure that our work is accessible for all.


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