We’re working hard and enjoying creating and developing digital content to stay in touch with our public communities and showcase the work of dance artists while our building remains closed. 

Through April and May we’ve been liaising with our communities to provide moral and practical support and collaborate to navigate our journey through the Shutdown.  We have different types of community : dancers and choreographers, teachers, participants, promoters and peer organisations locally, across the South West of England and the UK, and it’s been heartening to experience the solidarity and determination to get through this but also heartbreaking to hear of the losses some are experiencing and the concern about the future.

We are very fortunate and grateful that PDSW receives public funding and professional support from Arts Council England and BCP Council, and we have recently received support from Esmee Fairbairn Foundation too. This, plus the access to our reserves and the Government’s Job Retention Scheme, are keeping us going as we have lost the rest of our income. We must find new ways of generating income. While we piloted our new digital content, we offered it free of charge with a request for donations, but there is a real cost to creating that content which we need to offset. So over the coming weeks, you’ll notice that we’ll introduce pay per view or make a clear ask for donations when you access the content. There are fun classes to keep you fit, shows to entertain and provoke you and other offers such as podcasts on their way.

We’re developing plans to keep our staff and visitors safe, applying social distancing rules and taking health and safety measures based on current government guidance.  Our intention is to open our building as soon as we can but it is likely that theatres will be one of the final sectors to open up. We’ll issue messages through emails, social media and website as soon as we have a live public programme on offer again. Stay in touch, enjoy our digital content and we look forward to seeing you in person as soon as we can make it happen. #KeepDancing

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