Paintings of Musical Quavers….

The Shouting Mute Reviews Elisabeth Shilling’s Invisible Dances…

Dave Young The Shouting Mute is working with us to produce creative reviews for all the work we do at PDSW.

This month Dave has a creative response for the project that has just premiered recently – Elisabeth Schilling’s #InvisibleDances!

In the incredibly powerful words of Dave, he identifies the key themes of the artwork itself….

“Contemplation and reflection… Be free again, be able to make your mark, embrace your trail.”

If you haven’t already seen the beautiful drawings in and amongst the crowds in the BCP area, do take a walk down and around Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole and see the wonder of it for yourself.

We have an exciting announcement next week…

So keep up to date with PDSW via our website and social channels!


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