Rod Cossous is one of our trustees and an active supporter and participant of our Parkinson’s Dance class.

His journey through dance and art shares so many of the values of Pavilion Dance South West.

Over the years, he has become one of our most active fundraisers. He has embraced creation and creativity through dance and art.

He has created a series of exhibitions developing his colourful and vibrant painting style, that began with him downloading the Arts Rage app on his Ipad.

Images by Rod Cossous

We encourage you to explore the app and and share your creations with us if you wish on social media @pdsw_org

iPad and Art Rage GuidelinesGetting started … Time to make your mark!

Rod has prepared a fabulous tutorial to guide you through your first steps….


Within the colour palette in the bottom right corner you canadjust the intensity and solidity of colours by using the metalsection. This adds metallic effect and you can change this bysliding the percentage up and down.

You can undo an action at any time by selecting the Back Arrowshape at the bottom of the screen and this will remove the lastaction you did.

See diagram 2.

Diagram 2 ArtRange

What to use to drawIncreasing the Loading will give you more paint on your brush.Click on No Preset Loaded to find further enhancements to usewhen painting.

To Reset these at any time Press the arrow >and press Reset Tool.You can close the settings menu at any time by clicking on thetwo cogs picture again.Under settings click on Basic Mode: Normal to find different ways to play and explore varied colour burn.

The Glitter pot can also be found on the left hand side along with the other tools to add a little sparkle. Under settings click Preset Loaded to choose the kind of Glitter to use.

Select the Chalk and Soft Chalk under settings to get a delicate and soft effect.

The Air Brush Can is a spray effect (see diagram A) andselect the settings menu to change pressure and opacity.The pens and chalks can also be selected and used in the sameway as all of the other tools.

The pen tool will add interesting strokes to your work by usingthe settings to adjust size and taper length. You will see thisused in Rod’s underwater scenes.Click on the pipette, then on any colour of your art work and you will see it appear again on your palette on the bottom right corner.

Importing an ImageTo import an image from the iPad into your work click on the Square shaped icon with a pin in the corner at the bottom of the screen. Select the + sign and import from photo library or import a new photo to take a photograph using the iPad camera.To remove this option display just press the icon again.To Save your masterpiece!Press the Art Rage logo in middle at the bottom of the screen (see diagram 3) and click save as.

Here you can write the name of you work and put in in a group under your name. The pipette will exactly replicate a colour already used. Seediagram A.To continue working on your art click on the picture you want to use and click open.

Click on the Art Rage logo in the middle at the bottom and click view gallery. (See diagram 3.)


Visit us again in the coming weeks as we release more of Rod’s work and art offerings for the month.

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