After first turning to his iPad art a few years ago, Rod Cossou has continued to develop different products and ideas to keep fundraising on behalf of Pavilion Dance South West and the Parkinson’s Dance class.

Using this ‘Art therapy’ we would like you to behold the enjoyment the creativity can bring by taking on the role of designer!Rod’s latest idea “The Tango Dancers”, can be a brooch, fridge magnet, mobile or just decorative items and could provide as an activity kit for people of all ages.

Alternatively, the figures can be purchased each individually, hand painted and assembled.

During the period of Corona Virus Restrictions, we are sharing this opportunity digitally.

Copy the templates from here and if you would like to order any of the figures in your choice of colours, Rod will be happy to make a brooch, fridge magnet or mobile for you.

You can print, cut and colour the designs or simply imagine how yours will be! These items are not being offered for sale at during the month of April 2020 at a specific price.

However, if you are minded to give a donation to Pavilion Dance South West that would be amazing. Donation button is at the bottom of this page.

After the lockdown, you can also self decorate! If you have your own acrylics, then you can acquire the kit of 6 assorted blank figures together with brooch pins and easy stick magnets.

For ease of self decoration, the blank figures will be pre-treated with “clear gesso” to reduce any bleeding of colours within the grain of the wood. Acrylic or Acrylic Gouache is best but watercolour will work.

Acrylic pens are ideal for the smaller figures. If self decorating, thesetemplates are also provided to help guide you to sketch the outlines on the blank figures and to then paint them the colours of your choice.

If you’d like to know more please contact

These figures are made possible by the courtesy of Ellie Hoddesdon of East End Press, Glasgow who uses her Laser Cutter to convert my iPad Art work into wooden cut outs.

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