At Pavilion Dance, we’re always trying to keep on top of everything happening in the world of performing arts and dance. In this section, you can find our entire library of dance news and blog articles to read. We’re constantly updating our dance news hub with brand new articles, covering everything from dance events in the local, south coast area, emergent national dance news stories, in-house updates from within Pavilion Dance South West, and much more!

Watch: The Getting Dressed films by Second Hand Dance

Watch the world premiere of the Getting Dressed films, as part of StreamDANCE from from 4pm on Friday 28 January to 4pm Saturday 29 January. Getting Dressed by Second Hand Dance  Travel into a digital world of swirling skirts, sashaying socks, glitter ball […]

Watch: This World Is Made For Me by Anatomical

Watch the world premiere of This World Is Made For Me, as part of StreamDANCE from from 4pm on Friday 28 January to 4pm Saturday 29 January. This World Is Made For Me by Anatomical and Roswitha Chesher  One hot long summer’s day. […]

Watch: When I Hear Music by Chad Taylor

Watch the world premiere of When I Hear Music, as part of StreamDANCE, from 4pm on Friday 28 January to 4pm Saturday 29 January. When I Hear Music  by Chad Taylor A powerful hip-hop dance film with animation that explores the emotional rollercoaster […]

BounceBack Dance Festival 2021

Over the summer May half term, we have an AMAZING lineup for our FREE BounceBack Dance Festival. There are TWENTY-ONE incredible performances taking place over a week, as we celebrate getting back outdoors for summer and keeping people entertained through […]

Watch Night Tree Films

Watch the Night Tree Films, by Second Hand Dance. Available 19 - 21st Feb 2021.


After a months of collating people's stories from across the BCP region, no matter how small; we managed to get all the inside tales of the wild and wonderful ways that people safely sidestepped the barriers that came with the lockdown and how dance was a safeguard for staying indoors!

‘Listen Up’ Podcast by Natasha Player

Natasha Player's 'Listen Up Podcast' is a Youtube podcast that evolved out of lockdown 2020 to stay connected to artists and community gatekeepers and to hear voices not usually heard across the South West.

Grace + Growl – Pier Piece

A site specific dance theatre performance filmed live at East Pier Way, Bridport, Dorset and choreographed by Anna Golding and company and shot by film artist Rob Payne.

Samphire Dance Company- Awakening

Danced by Samphire Dance Company, Awakening is dance improvisation captured on film - inspired by the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of the woods.

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Pavilion Dance South West is a registered charity based in the sunny south coast of England, right here in Bournemouth. We believe that dance is a socially relevant, wholly inclusive, and generally brilliant tool in connecting people – and making lives just that little bit better! We work across the entire Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole (BCP) area to put on fantastic live shows and performances, engaging workshops and classes, and other functions. Click the link below to learn even more about how Pavilion Dance operates.

Dance Classes at Pavilion Dance

A lot of our dance news articles explore the huge variety of dance classes, workshops, and other exciting opportunities for learning the art of dance, right here with Pavilion Dance. Have you caught the dance bug, and want to learn more about how to sign up for any of our inclusive dances and workshops? From ballet, to tango, to salsa, to ballroom – and everything in between! With our team of professional and friendly dance experts, there’s something for everything at Pavilion Dance – so book now and secure your space today!

What’s On at Pavilion Dance?

At Pavilion Dance, you’ll see from our dance news articles that you can find much more than just the most engaging, inclusive, and fun dance workshops and lessons in the south! At our renowned theatre venue, you’ll also find loads of opportunities for a great night out, with live performances, interactive workshops, and dance events – help all year round! With the link below, you can check out our complete list of What’s On at Pavilion Dance in the coming months, so make sure to have a look and book your tickets while you still can.

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Are you interested in taking part in any of our engaging dance classes? Or perhaps taking a trip down to the Pavilion Dance Venue, to take in the sight of one of our exciting dance shows or events? Visit Pavilion Dance on Westover Road, Bournemouth, contact us at info@pdsw.org.uk – or give us a call on 01202 203630 if you have any more questions about what we do! 

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