We need your help to secure the future of arts, culture and heritage funding in Dorset.

Dorset Council are proposing significant changes to how grants are awarded to organisations such as our colleagues at The Arts Development Company whom are in the culture, community and voluntary sectors in our county. The council are considering a minimum 10% cut to culture funding and shorter, one-year agreements that may not provide the sustainability and security culture organisations need.

Dorset Council launched a public consultation into the future of funding for the culture, community and voluntary sectors. The council have created a public survey and they will use the results from this to determine the future of the sector’s funding. It is very important that Dorset Council hear your opinion via the survey before the deadline of 11th March 2020

What is Culture? Culture is shared, creative experiences where we express, learn and reflect on our history, place, social issues and personal lives. These experiences can improve wellbeing, strengthen communities and develop vital life skills for employment and a better quality of life.

Staying safe and Well: Culture can help people lead active, healthy and independent lives. There is clear evidence that the arts can improve wellbeing, drive recovery and support illness and disease management; this arts-led approach saves the NHS money and provides a social return on investment of between £4 and £11 for every £1 invested in social prescribing.

Economic Growth: As a recent report from Arts Council England shows, the arts and culture sector is a significant contributor to the UK’s economy. Adding £10.8bn at the last count in 2016, the sector has now overtaken agriculture in terms of GDP contribution and continues to prove its worth, even on a local scale. The value of creative industries in the Dorset LEP area is £425 million but these industries and not for profit organisations need support to make this happen.

Thank you for your support, and don’t forget to complete the survey by 11th March 2020.

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