31st Jan 2024

Ahead of their Pavilion Dance performance of ‘No Dragon No Lion’ in February in our Ocean Theatre, TS Crew brought their modern celebration of Chinese New Year, featuring a mix of parkour, martial arts, beat boxing, acrobatics and traditional Lion Dance, with 11 company members delivering two workshops and an awesome excerpt from the show to Year 3 students and staff at Talbot Primary School.

“A tough act to follow. The kids are not going to thank me for the spelling class they have following this…” Year 3 class teacher

The morning began with a welcome from Gilford Law, the Director-General of the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office, and then the company sprang into beatboxing kung fu action, all to the sound of “wows” and enjoyment from the children.

The children were then split into 3 groups to learn basic skills in three main elements of the show: beat boxing, kung fu, and Lion Dance. As part of this the children also had opportunity to use the actual bamboo Lion Head from the show and explore its mechanism, with one child leading and one child following.

“This is so different. And particularly great for channelling their energy. They are getting to ‘pretend’ to fight, make noise, and climb on things. What more could they ask!”  Year 3 Class teacher

“My brother beatboxes, I will be able to practice this with him” Year 3 participant

“That was so cool” Year 3 participant

The company delivered two wonderfully structured sessions that enabled 90+ students to take part over the morning, offering them the chance to both learn technique AND explore. It was enjoyed by all including the slow-motion kung fu sections led by TS Crew member Steve, where the children stood in a line or circle and tried to recreate the “escape and pass” section of the show (think Matrix style!)

TS Crew member Hugh also commented at the end how great it was to work with children who speak up and come with energy.

A unique and inspiring morning for all involved. Thanks for having us Talbot Primary School and Thank You TS Crew!

Talbot Primary School are part of our Learning Associates programme that brings inspiring and fulfilling educational experiences into schools.  

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