We are three final year Bournemouth University Media Production students filming four narratively linked music videos for local band The Grafton Fridays. We are in need of a female dancer between the ages of 18-29 who is able to dance contemporary and ballet. The projects theme is based around fame, and is split into four music videos:

Music Video 1: Search for fame (Song = Santiago) In the beginning of the film, we meet our lead character who is an actress/dancer craving fame and recognition. In the first song ‘Santiago’ we see her as she’s rehearsing for an audition, and throughout the film we establish her desire for fame. The film concludes with her performing her dance at the audition to a crowd of people, however as we track around we see she’s dancing alone to a director and the crowd has disappeared.

Music Video 2: Breakdown of the dream (Song = Snow) During this film the actress has achieved her dream, we see her as she escapes paparazzi and working on films. However we see that the reality of the dream is anti-climatic and by fulfilling her goal she has taken away her one desire. During this film we see her spinning off the rails as she tries to escape her emptiness. As the song ‘Snow’ builds we see her almost accidentally overdosing.

Music video 3: Reality of the dream (Song = Shakes) After her close encounter with death we fade in from black to her lying in a pool contemplating the reality of her dream. Throughout this song we see her finally deciding that the dream she had chased for her entire life was superficial and that she feels as though she will never have what she is missing. Ultimately, in a haze we watch as she decides to end it all.

Music video 4: Death of the dream (Song = Numb) In the epilogue to the film, we are planning to have an experimental dance scene in which a group of dancers come to collect the actresses ‘soul’.

Shooting dates will be across February and March and shot in Bournemouth. The role will be paid as well as expenses.

If you are interested, please email thegraftonfridays@gmail.com or call Matthew Boner on 07432653391. 

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