Flexer & Sandiland comes to the South West for  ‘Trip Hazard from 6-8pm

About Flexer & Sandiland 

Nic Sandiland is a UK-based artist whose work explores movement through installation, performance and film. He is particularly interested in presenting the everyday movements of the viewer as choreography and, since 2000, has increasingly employed interactive digital technology to do this. Recent work has drawn on cinematic techniques, such as slow motion and moving camera mechanisms as ways to elevate the mundane and often overlooked choreography of everyday life.

About the work:

‘Trip Hazard’ explores cause and effect; where a particular action in the physical world might trigger a pre-set event in a digital space. During these challenging times, it’s a light-hearted intervention in public space, designed to surprise and amuse.

Visit Flexer & Sandiland’s website for more information about their work here


Bobbys Department Store, Bournemouth Square:  6 – 8 November MAP

Pen Gallery, Kingland Crescent, Poole: 9 – 10 November MAP

Poole Museum, High Street, Poole: 11 – 12 November MAP

Watch out….do you dare to cross the hazardous line to see what happens…..?  

This digital project is outdoors and free-to-view.

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