Mon 6 Nov to Fri 8 Dec

Opening times: 10am to 9pm


Local artist, Fran Quinlan has recently been in residency with dance artists developing their work, Ieva Kuniskis and Off the Map Dance Company. This exhibition is her unique response to the dancers and their rehearsal process.

I was fortunate to partake of two residencies at Pavilion Dance. The initial drawings were a response to the psychological and emotional content of the work, which were then developed into two and three-dimensional pieces.

“My first residency was with the choreographer, Ieva Kuniskis who was developing her piece They Live Next Door. The choreography was based on a dynamic relationship between two men. My work focused on portraying the conflict and love in the relationship through building and overlaying shapes.

“The second residency was with the choreographer, Steve Johnstone and Off the Map Dance Company, working on their first full-length piece Folklore. The piece was based on traditional folklore from Dorset, Devon and Somerset. The dancers created a 3-way dialogue with the use of a mask, which I captured through dynamic, simple lines and colour.

“The drawings, prints and sculpture are all based on my interpretation of the human form in movement. The process of making using a range of materials unravels what I imagine to be the essence of the performers’ stories.”   

Fran Quinlan


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