I’m a french filmmaker and I’m actually in artistic residency at the Creative Industries Hub in Boscombe, Bournemouth, between the 1st and 24th March 2015.

I’m begining a new research based on stories of movies scenes. I think everybody carries within himself memories of films, especially the ones with strong scenes. Throughout the work process and research I intend to develop I want to awaken and revive the spectator existing in each one of us, by the use of sensation, fragmented memories, sometimes inaccurate and mistaken, taking now place in the imagination left over.

From this process in films, where everything is possible I want to go towards something closer to performance, where a human being, not only actor, is alone and uses his/her body and his/her environment. I

feel the need to meet new people in order to work on my project. I’d really like to meet professional or non-professional performers, actors or dancers students who could be sensitive to this proposal.

If you’re intersted in taking part of my project, could you contact me?

E: alice.j.gautier@gmail.com

P: +44671862219

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