Parkinson’s has been described as “one of those good days – bad days conditions”. With the weekly Parkinson’s Dance class at PDSW, Fridays definitely count as better days with the participants. They have been re-named “Fun Fridays”, and everybody is looking as much forward to the movement exercises as to socialising with friends.

One of the main aims of Parkinson’s Dance is to improve mobility. The class consists of a myriad of exercises and dances in different genres to a variety of soundtracks. Faith Eckersall from the Bournemouth Daily Echo recently experienced the benefits of Parkinson’s Dance first-hand when she decided to give the class a try herself:

Parkinson’s is one of those good days and bad days conditions. Some days those who live with it would hardly know anything was wrong. On others they can feel debilitated and low as the disease mars their ability to talk or swallow or go to the loo. It can make them stiff. Or so dizzy they can’t walk. Or tremble so badly they can’t hold a cup. […] How quickly it all changes. As we all get into the warm-up routine – we squidge our toes, caterpillar our feet across the floor and move our arms and legs – you can visibly see bodies relax and limbs lengthen.” Read more >>>

Participants are passionate about the ways in which the class changes their lives. One of them, Dennis Ross, has recently put his name down for a major fundraising challenge: on 9 March he is going to tackle the 109 km long Cape Argus Cycle Race in South Africa.

The tour is recognised as the world’s largest individually timed cycle race, annually attracting 35000 cyclists from around the world. Dennis is unfazed: “Parkinson’s won’t stop me!” he declares, and is currently off to prepare for his ride.

To support Dennis in raising funds for the PDSW Parkinson’s Dance class, please follow this link.

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If you’d like to find out more about the race itself, have a look at the video below or visit

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