In March 2015 we spent a wonderfully creative week at Pavilion Dance researching for a new duet with dancers Nicholas Minns and Mark Boldin, and composer Dougie Evans. This was our first visit to PDSW (apart from Dougie, who as co-artistic director of Lila Dance has pretty much made a home here!) and we LOVED IT! We played in the beautiful Seafront Studio and inspired by the light, high ceilings and rain outside we danced, talked, drank coffee, sang and danced some more – all vital components for a great piece which this is shaping up to be. Our stay here marked the end of the research and development period and the lovely guys at Pavilion Dance hosted a sharing for us with an invited audience whose openness and generous feedback has helped answer some important questions, and ask a hundred more! I cannot wait to be back in the studio and throw all my new ideas onto the playground!

PS. I also had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with students from Bournemouth College running a Physical Theatre workshop and it was great to get acquainted with some of the young dancers from the area.images © Judita Kuniskyte


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