What is the Children & their Grown Ups Showcase? 

This Showcase will take place 29 September-2 October 2021 and is the annual Pavilion Dance South West (PDSW) Summit. 

Children and young people have been particularly badly hit by the fallout of Covid. This Showcase will open a window onto new dance work for children that is available for touring.

It gives artists, companies, producers & programmers a chance to hear about the co-creation of work with children and how it’s being adapated for different touring formats.

It will feature live and digital work that is available in the UK and internationally and there will be daily sessions available where 1-1s can be booked with other delegates.

The whole programme will be available to watch wherever you are in the world and will be available in real-time or to access on demand for a limited period.

There will be live programmed work involving public audiences which will also be available to watch digitally.

This is a new approach to Showcasing involving multiple locations and partnerships across the UK

We hope you enjoy it as well as make some good connections through it.

Find out more here

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