TERRA by James Finnemore is coming to Pavilion Dance on Thursday 13 December, 7.30pm. We were able to find out some artistic insight from James himself.

What have been your inspirations along the way?

A multitude of things have inspired me throughout the development of this show. James Macdonald Lockhart’s Raptor: A Journey Through Birds is definitely a reference point, along with some movies, and series such as Stranger Things. Most of these other inspirations are fairly contained; one light in one scene, one sentence in a chapter of a book, and so on.

What are your hopes for the people who watch the show?

To perhaps feel slightly unsettled? Never completely comfortable. Engaged of course! But always with a sense that maybe, something bad is about to happen.

How does this piece fit in with your other work, or with your ambitions as a choreographer?

It’s my most ambitious work to date, and it’s the first time i’ve experienced a supported & funded creative process. It’s a step up in terms of creation time, number of dancers, length of the work, technical team and so on. Up until this point I have only made short pieces so the prospect of making a full evening of work has been both a challenge and a joy

What’s your favourite thing about making dance?

It would be my answer for what’s my least favourite thing about making dance; it’s incredibly personal. You give a lot of yourself and can perhaps feel at the mercy of the audience. It’s a very vulnerable place to be, for me at least, but there’s clearly something about that that I like.

What do you find most challenging about making dance?

Being aware of how an audience might see things is definitely not easy. Many people will see a show and have very little real information available to them….an image that is clear to me, with an obvious meaning in my head might mean something very different to someone else watching.

Can you describe the show in 3 words?

Ethereal, unsettling, foreboding.

Make sure you catch TERRA by James Finnemore at Pavilion Dance on Thursday 13 Decemeber, 7.30pm.


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