At the end of week 1 of ‘Tombola’s” creation at PDSW – Justine Reeve and Company

As a choreographer I like to work in the space that the piece of work will finally be presented in. I want to be inspired by that space, to use the site to generate thoughts and feelings that would not arise lets say, in a dance studio. So you could say that I am a site-specific choreographer. In the case of ‘Tombola’ (the biggest game show on telly today) the site is a theatre, I am making work for a theatre so what better way to make dance for a theatre than in a theatre, of course this is the absolute ideal when creating work for a theatre. Theatre. As a dance teacher for the past 20 years I have realised that there is a conflict of intentions when I enter a dance studio, for me this space is where dance training takes place where I usually become the ‘critical parent’, the mentor, the leader, the one that is passing on the information. This short list of dance studio behaviours, which of course as any teacher knows is endless, are not always what is happening when you create your own work. Being able to create in the theatre with a technician to light ideas as you go is the best gift that Pavilion Dance South West have given me this last week (apart from a cabbage sent 1st class costing £3.20). It has allowed me to run ahead with ideas and a rough outline of ‘Tombola’ is emerging.

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