What does happiness mean to you? Find out at this fast, fun, thoughtful and physical performance at Pavilion Dance South West on Thursday 11 February at 7.30pm.

The Happiness is a provocative and entertaining emotional roller-coaster ride by award-winning choreographer Karla Shacklock. This physical and playful adventure will make you laugh, weep and squirm with recognition.

Combining first-person stories, case studies from across the globe and referencing a whole host of philosophers and self-proclaimed happiness gurus, the work throws happiness up for all to question, see, experience and, ultimately, feel. Each show is completely unique as the performers decide the structure of the work live in the moment, using the company’s trademark combination of breakneck choreography, spoken word, live sound and ever transforming images.

The Happiness genuinely made me happy! An audience member

Watch the trailer here

On Tuesday 9 February, at 11am, Karla will be at Flirt Cafe Bar, in Bournemouth. Join Karla to chat about happiness in an open, gently guided conversation. Attendance is free (although coffee isn’t) and it is suitable for anyone who has ever thought about what makes us happy.

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