Le Club Social, a concept created by artist and producer Genevieve Say, celebrating clubbing and dance memories across the decades, premiered in Bournemouth earlier this year.  Two sold out crowds enjoyed and participated in the performance along with professional dance artists and a community cast from the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area.

Cast members and the audience loved the playlist that covered the 50s-90s and the experience of taking part with comments like: “This has been one of the most  exciting experiences ever for me.  So much fun, lovely people & a big chunk of creativity” and “I will call this experience I FEEL LOVE because this is what I felt the whole time for everybody”

The journey in creating Le Club Social premiere in Bournemouth has been captured on film, and this 15 minute video documentary shows why this piece was much more than just a performance…

The documentary presents the story behind the piece, alongside interviews with the producer and also with a number of the community cast to provide an understanding of the effects that the performance and the making of the performance have had on the local community and those who have taken part.

Le Club Social was hosted as one of our wellbeing events, and the documentary reflects largely on the positive impacts that being part of the performance and part of the community cast had on everyone, and it is clear that both socially and physically, LCS provided betterment for everyone involved.

Group of people in colourful clothing
Le Club Social Cast

We were thrilled to premiere the documentary at Pavilion dance South West, and we can’t wait for it to evolve wherever else it travels, and receives the same, huge, amount of respect and love as it got when premiering here.

More about Le Club Social

Banner photo credit: Matt Smee

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