It’s been a busy term for some of our Learning Associate Schools, with some exciting workshops taking place at Bourne Academy, Bournemouth & Poole College, and Talbot Primary before the Easter break!  From climate inspired pieces to daring circus moves and fire breathing dragons, the schools have well and truly been stepping out their comfort zones, trying new things and having a whole lot of fun.

Contemporary Dance Workshops at Bourne Academy

Our Contemporary dance artist, Claire Benson worked with Year 7 students at Bourne Academy to create a ‘dance in a day’ ahead of their evening end of term showcase for parents and peers. To the sounds of ‘Saint’ by Noze the students worked enthusiastically with Claire to co-create a piece inspired by the idea of tectonic plates; fragility, shifting, and everything moving suddenly around them. The session was dynamic and energetic to say the least, involving partner and contact work, and incorporating movement combinations that spoke to the idea of pushing, pulling and connection.  

Day two at Bourne Academy saw artist and choreographer Jazz Gritt deliver an inspiring urban contemporary session to a select group of 7 boys (mix of years 7,8, and 9) who were predominantly beginners in dance. Over the course of the morning Jazz worked to build their confidence and help them create a short contemporary performance piece to ‘Strangers’ by Kenya Grace for the school’s end of term showcase. The piece involved cannon, lifts, and floorwork. The morning proved to be a huge boost of fitness and enjoyment, leaving them all with a healthy sense of achievement. 

Dance Circus Workshops with Joli Vyann at Bournemouth and Poole College

Meanwhile, 10 dance students at Bournemouth and Poole College experienced a Joli Vyann dance circus workshop led by graceful husband-and-wife acrobatic team, Olivia Quayle and Jan Patzke. The session fused contemporary dance and acrobatics, with students learning and improving skills such as ‘monkey flips’, corkscrews, shoulder stands and other partnering skills that built on their knowledge of how to be able to ‘base’ and ‘fly’.  

Course lead Chloe Clarke commented during the session on the growth of student “confidence and bravery” and how wonderful it was to see most of the students attempting the should stand (successfully!).  Both Olivia and Jan were super impressed by the enthusiasm and sense of challenge the students brought to the session. “They have done so well, the contact sequence they’ve learnt is from our professional show, only adapted a little, but they are doing it” Jan Patzke, Joli Vyann  

Fantastic Fantasies Workshops at Talbot Primary

And at the other end of our Learning Associate scale, dance artist Millie Wortley worked with 3 classes of Reception age students this week at Talbot Primary, taking them on a movement adventure inspired by their topic theme Fantastic Fantasies. “Oh, this is just so lovely” Class Teacher, Talbot Primary.  The children became fire breathing dragons, rode unicorns, stomped like giants, found Mer-people in the castle’s moat, and flew home on a magic carpet.

“I don’t want to go I want to keep flying..!” Reception student. 

For info about the Learning Associates membership or how to book a school workshop through Pavilion Dance contact Young People’s Producer (Schools lead) contact Amy Reynolds via email    

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