Debra is representing insurance broker and financial consultancy, Jelf.

– How do you feel about your dance choice for Business Come Dancing?  

I was absolutely delighted to get ‘commercial’ and when I have told friends (and explained what it means!) they have said it is just perfect for me.  I have also struck an instant rapport with my teacher, Marissa, and her general positivity and energy is catching!

– What do you think will be your biggest challenge in the lead up to the event?  

I think keeping my energy levels up will be a challenge and also juggling work, family and rehearsals – plus my nerves.

– How good would you say you are at remembering routines/ steps?

I have reached an age where my memory is rather hit or miss!  However, I love dancing socially and am hoping this means the steps will stick more easily than why I went into the kitchen for something…

– How much do you know about Parkinson’s? Has it ever affected anyone in your family?  

I know very little about Parkinsons as I’ve had no direct personal experience but am keen to understand how the dance programme works. 

– What is your favourite track to dance to at weddings?  

Oh that’s a tricky one – is that why it was left to last? – I love a lot of different music and am frequently the first up and last off the dance floor at a wedding.  If I had to pick just 1 track then most of my friends would say ‘Reach’ by S Club 7 straight away as I know most of the dance steps to that (as do my Bournemouth friends) and am known for doing the little routine at parties.

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