Denise is representing The SME Financial Controller, providing peace of mind for business-critical financial decisions and obligations. Denise is dancing Hip Hop with Anthony Biela.


Why did you want to get involved in Business Come Dancing?

I thought it would be a lot of fun, a great experience and supporting local charities.


What do you think your biggest challenge will be in the lead up to the event?

Nerves, thinking of how many people will be watching me! I’m very comfortable in crowds but all eyes on me is a different matter.


How good do you think you are at remembering steps/a routine?

I think I should be ok at this as my work is very systematic and process driven with lots of planning and organisation. So, I will be applying those skills hoping that they follow through to dance routines.


What is your favourite track to dance to at weddings/parties?

At present I like 24k Magic by Bruno Mars – always gets me up on the floor.


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