Maximillian is representing Saxe Coburg, Dorset’s property agent for homes of distinction. Maximillain will be dancing Quick Step with Carrie Anne Gill.


What are your thoughts/experiences with dance either performing or watching? Which style do you most enjoy watching?

When I was at school, dancing was something only the girls took part in. Over the decades the pendulum has swung to such an extent that it is now a positively cool activity for men.

More recently I am a huge fan of Strictly Come Dancing and spurred on by the fact that a number of male sportsman have excelled on the show, I am now excited to take on the dance floor!

Tarraxinha without a doubt is my favourite style. For those that don’t know it is the sexy, percussive cousin of kizomba; the name means “little screw in a bolt”. The music often has little melody and a much heavier-hitting beat than kizomba. Make no mistake, this is a dance to do with someone you want to get very close to. 


What influenced your choice of dance for the competition?

Carrie-anne my dance partner chose it. I have no idea why she chose the Quick Step for a 20 stone beer drinker!


What do you think will be your biggest challenge in learning to dance?

I have a good memory and I am surprisingly quick on my feet – as many have discovered on the tennis court. However I have an extremely busy life and fitting rehearsals into my already full diary is our biggest challenge I have to say.


Can you give me an example of one of your biggest non-dance challenges to date?  How does it compare to this?

Having to pay for my mum’s rent and my rent from the age of 18 onwards was a big challenge. My mother got repossessed and became homeless, I was determined to do my best for her so worked during the day as a Trainee Estate Agent and worked Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night’s as a silver service waiter, and then in a nightclub after my waiting job (11pm til 2am) on Friday and Saturday nights. By learning how to give excellent service I amassed great tips which not only enabled me to pay both our rents but I was also able to buy my first rental investment which made me a profit from day one! With this extra income I was then able to buy more properties, and more properties, until at one stage I had over 500.

Equally frightening but different; the thought of making a public embarrassment of yourself is outside my comfort zone.

Without risk man drinks no Champagne!


What feelings come to you when you are dancing; positive or negative?

 I feel positively tired. You use muscles that you never knew you had for instance the hold in Ballroom is like holding up tea-trays in the air after an hour your lats (latissimus dorsi) are throbbing! Furthermore dancing on your toes and constant movement for an hour at a time is excellent for rapid weight loss. I have also increased Persil sales at Co-op Southbourne!!!


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