1) What do you think is interesting in film as a medium for capturing work featuring mature dancers?

I’ve always been interested in observing movement. Not just choreographic movement but also everyday movement. Sit in that coffee shop and watch the world go by – a small child just discovering they can do something they have never done before. Exploring their new movement world. Also the older person – and I’m getting there myself now – seeing what is now possible. What their bodies will allow them to do. There is the same concentration as they get out of a chair, climb steps, walk towards an object as there is in the face of a child. All that can be the subject of a film. Found movement not choreographed movement is very exciting for the film maker/choreographers.

2) What continues to inspire you about dance and its potential as an art form?

For me dance and movement have a universality about them. Yes dance may be African, Indian, Western European but it can say something and importantly ask questions. But stillness can say a lot more than a couple of minutes of frenetic movement.

You have to engage the viewer and most importantly allow him or her the time to observe the movement or non movement. It’s getting that balance right that is the great challenge in making a dance film.

Who are these people? What are they thinking? Is the movement the choreographer/film maker true? Remember you can make a dance and a dance film with people sitting in arm chairs. Sometimes that can be much more powerful than all the movement you can devise.

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