Amba is our Parent & Baby and Mini Yoga teacher, running classes on a Mondays from 10am. 

Tell us about your yoga journey: Where did you train? Who were/are your mentors or influencers? What are the significant moments in your career so far?

My initial training was with Integral Yoga in 2004 and I am still training to this date, having just immersed myself after 10 years in a 2 year Scaravelli yoga teacher development course. I am influenced by all movement and yoga especially Scaravelli (a slow connective yoga focusing on deep releasing of tension).  I had many significant moments in my career, working in different fields (from nurseries to residential homes), hosting lead teachers from around the UK locally, developing my interest in pregnancy yoga and all things birth-related after having my daughter in 2012.

What inspires you when you put a class programme together? Is it the music, the participants, the ethos of your class or something else?

I am always inspired by the people I teach and this influences any class programme.  I teach yoga that is fully inclusive to those people who might not get to go to a normal yoga class e.g. little ones, women, parents and babies, those with learning disabilities and those unable to do a stronger more physical focused class and to bring yoga’s more meditative benefits to all these groups.

What would surprise your class to learn about you?

It may surprise my yoga students that I lived in the Middle East as a child and was once in a plane crash (nothing too serious though – I am here to tell the tale!)

Do you have a class/teaching catchphrase or motto?

My slogan for Amba Yoga is there is a ‘yoga for everybody’.

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