Our annual community event Open Doors is a great way for us to welcome artists, participants and audiences into our venue for a celebration of dance, theatre and arts.  This year we had a fantastic mix of generations, live performances, dance films and poetry from regional community groups and artists including:

Street Dance crew Breakin’ Free – a youth community dance group supported by Children in Need funding with weekly sessions run at Slades Park – performing for the first time in a theatre with an audience!

Three children in yellow t-shirts performing a dance on a black floor in a theatre

Salisbury-based Dance Six-0 performing Fantoccini. 

The Fantoccini performers used to belong to the music hall. They remember that time with their bodies, but their memory takes a while to catch up. They love to demonstrate their skills, but they aren’t sure their skills still love them.

Female performer with blonde hair and stripey top bending forward with man in red and white striped top in background

Dave Young aka The Shouting Mute, a Poole-based inclusive poet, theatre-maker and activist, screened his latest video using eye gaze technology then performed live poetry and music using his Soundbeam and communication aid.

Young man with brown hair sat in wheelchair with mouth open in front of a microphone

Dorchester community dance group Movers & Shakers screened A Moment in Time, a dance video inspired by and performed at Dorset Museum, with choreography exploring the formation of The Jurassic Coast and the secrets that lie within.

Samphire Dance from the Isle of Wight dancing community screened their dance film Island Lines, part of a trilogy of dances inspired by living on the Isle of Wight. 

Our Business Come Dancing 2023 runners-up Oonagh McKinney from Savills and Kamalesh Borkar performed their colourful Bollywood routine once again and the music and dancing continued in the foyer with tunes from DJ Nose it.

Male and Female dancers in bright coloured Bollywood costumes performing with man on one knee and lady holding her skirt

We also ran Le Club Social and Bollywood dance workshops with Le Club Social exhibition now up and running until 15 February – ready for you to add your fave dance floor hits to the playlist!

A great start to the new year with a wonderful mix of local communities coming together to share their love of dance, theatre, music and arts.  THANK YOU to everyone that performed, watched and danced with us!

Fabulous photos by redManhattan photography

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